JOB BOS Foundation (Yayasan BOS)

Advertised: 24-12-09 | Closing Date: 22-1-10.

The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) is a non-profit organization supported by sister organizations around the world. It is consistently audited by a multinational auditor company and operating under the formal agreement with the Indonesian Ministry of Forest to conserve and rehabilitate orangutans. BOS manages orangutan rescue, rehabilitation and re-introduction programmes in East and Central Kalimantan. With almost 1000 orangutans to care for and over 400 staff BOS is the biggest primate conservation NGO worldwide. BOS is employing top notch professionals in the fields of biology, specifically primatology, of psychology, veterinary medicine, botany and forestry.

BOS Vision:
A secure future for orangutans, free and safe in their natural habitat, living in harmony with local people.

BOS Mission:
Protect Borneo’s orangutans in their natural habitat and to restore them when they are injured by human interference.

BOS Core Values:

  • BOS believes orangutans can save the forest and all the species living there.
  • BOS is convinced conservation must be fused with animal welfare.
  • We respect and value both animals and people.
  • BOS is indomitable, scientific and pragmatic.
  • Our work expresses “budaya kerja”: We are professional, modern and Indonesian.

BOSF is funded by and cooperates with other NGOs and national BOS sister organizations abroad. BOS Global is the Fundraising arm of BOS F and is the umbrella of the BOS sister organizations. The international animal welfare organisation VIER PFOTEN is the major donor to the Samboja Satwa programme. VIER PFOTEN employee Dr. Signe Preuschoft is a primatologist who is acting as Satwa Manager Advisor to support and train the incoming Satwa manager and a fresh team of Satwa Coordinators and Supervisors.

BOSF policy makers are organized in a Board of Trustees and a Board of Supervisors. From 2010 on, its executives are headed by one CEO who directs the departments of Finance and Administration, of Human Resources (all based in Bogor) of Fundraising/BOS Global (based in Stockholm), and the Managers of the regional Programmes at Samboja, Nyaru Menteng, and Mawas.

Work Post
The successful applicants will work in a team for the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, based in Samboja, East Kalimantan, for 1 year, with a 6 month period of probation.

Coordinator of Technical Services
(Kalimantan Timur – Based in Samboja)


  • Provide supervision and leadership to all sub-departments (security, transportation, purchase, maintenance and construction of animal holding facilities)
  • Professional maintenance and monitoring of assets such as animal holding facilities, incl. supporting infrastructure (e.g. water, electricity and waste management), tools and equipment as well as project cars,
  • Management of the car pool and drivers according to priorities set by the Satwa Manager.
  • Supervise purchase of animal food, enrichment items, and materials needed for construction and maintenance of animal holding facilities, infrastructure and transportation, in cooperation with the Coordinators of Animal Care and Veterinary Medicine
  • Through the Supervisor of Security, coordinate and prioritise activities necessary to keep the premises safe, incl. cooperation with the Samboja Lestari plant programme and the local community in designing fire brigade activities and fire surveillance.
  • Efficient use of energy and water including supervision/coordination in the short-term as well as designing a long-term plan for sustainable use of energy and water
  • From 2010 on: construction of additional animal holding facilities (enclosures and cages) will commence. The design of the facilities is made by the Animal Care and Veterinary departments, and external consultants. While contractors will aid with the execution of the design the coordination and supervision of both contractors and BOS staff resides with the Technical Services Coordinator.
  • Planning, budgeting and implementation of all technical operations
  • Regular reports to Satwa Manager as required
  • Pro-active reporting of expectable or existing problems (failures, shortages etc) in any of the sub-departments
  • Keep animal holding facilities safe and functioning at all times.
  • ROLE: Coordinator of Technical Services
  • REPORTS TO: Project Manager of Reintroduction Orangutan
  • STAFF MANAGED: Four direct reports, ca. 15 in total
  • MAIN TASKS: To provide technical support for all animal operations, by supervising the sub-departments of Security, Transportation, Purchase, Maintenance and Construction of animal holding facilities, in close collaboration with the Coordinators of Animal Care and Veterinary Medicine


  • Education and at least 3 years of experience in either metal work or construction.
  • Proven project management skills.
  • Proven leadership skills.
  • At least 2 years experience with managing multiple staff
  • Respect for animals
  • Basic English language skills, spoken and written
  • Fluent Indonesian language skills, spoken and written
  • Preferable
    • Basic understanding of electro-technics
    • Basic understanding of sustainable water management


All applications will be acknowledged, however only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Short-listed candidates will be requested to supply contact information of three persons for recommendations. Letter of interest and CV including contact information of three referees should be sent by email to:

Human Resources Department, BOS Foundation
(Please indicate the position in the email subject line)


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