Mandala Multifinance

In Mandala Multifinance, the passion is making a better life, that is growing every employee’s potential. How about you? Are you one of professional employee we are seeking for? Join us for Internal Audit Manager position.

You are able to lead audit team to manage audit activities according to planning that has been established. The target is the highest customer satisfication, both internal and external customer, through implementation of audit principles in our company.

We have approximately 150 branches which operate in almost all of provinces in Indonesia, thus you could enrich your experiences through uniqueness of our people.
This is your time to be the best and fulfill your potential to utmost point.

Internal Audit Manager
(Jawa Barat – Bogor)


  • Capable to establish systematic audit system customized to company’s need
  • Manage subordinates and activities by planning, organizing, controlling, reporting, and regular evaluation
  • Ensure branches comply with standard & procedures
  • Making good relationship through fluent and sociable way of communication mainly with internal customers, also with external customers such as dealers


  • Bachelor degree in Accounting/Management
  • Experienced as a Manager or in Audit Management min. 3 years, preferably from leasing companies
  • Able to operate MS Office
  • Has good communication and leadership skills.

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